Denver Mattress

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Best Denver Mattress Buying Guide

Denver mattress was originally a big player in the waterbed industry, riding the ‘wave’ of the boom until the late 1980s. With time, Denver Mattress adapted to offer a variety of mattresses for children and adults, opening the first Denver Mattress retail store in 1995.

Denver Mattress

Denver Mattress Reviews

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: $129-$6897

Trial Period: 4 Months

Denver's Specifics

Denver Mattress builds their own mattresses in their own mattress factory so that they can offer factory direct prices to customers. Their prices are competitive versus many other mattress retailers and name-brand mattresses, which is a big selling point to sleepers. However, there are some complaints about durability for Denver mattresses, which may cause frustration for some customers.

In terms of their offerings, their most popular mattress is the Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice®, which is low to mid-priced line with zoned coils to support the lumbar system of the spine. Additionally, Denver offers other innerspring and memory foam mattresses such as the Aspen memory foam mattress line, which includes includes breathable ‘air-foam.’

Quality of Materials

Denver Mattress has some complaints when it comes to its durability with some reports about quick sagging on some models. Although they use materials like pocketed coils and air-foam, some have found that these materials break down quicker than expected.

We’ll go through each of their major lines in detail and discuss what’s inside. Here are the details:

Doctor’s Choice® Mattress: With a mix of firmness options and a low price – starting at $349, Doctor’s Choice comes with a blend of high density support foam, edge foam support, and zoned coils that are designed to support the spine while alleviating pressure for the shoulders and hips. These mattresses are liked by customers overall, but some had issues with quick sagging. If you have a larger body-type, be prepared for this possibility.

Aspen Mattress in a Box: The Denver Mattress Aspen mattress in a box in an all-foam mattress option. It comes with 4 layers of foam, including slow response air foam and high density foam core. These mattresses have a variety of firmness options, which is nice for those that are interested in an all-foam feel but want additional options. Most of the customers like these mattresses, but some had issues with fast sagging. There are plenty of mattress in a box options than the Aspen that fit most sleepers better.

Athlete’s Choice™ Mattress: Starting at $529, these all-foam mattresses come with copper-infused foam that diffuses heat away from the sleeper while being anti-microbial. Overall, these mattresses get good feelings from customers when it comes to initial comfort, but some had issues with the durability.

Green Choice® Mattress: These Earth friendly mattresses come in multiple firmness options and features a budget-conscious design. With upcycled foams, these mattresses are committed to leaving nothing to waste. However, when it comes to comfort there are some concerns from sleepers. Some experienced sagging issues with these mattress over a short duration.

Buena Vista®: The Buena Vista is Denver Mattress’ 3rd most popular mattress. There are 2 firmness options – a firm and a plush option. This is an innerspring option with prices starting at $208. They have foam quilted into the cover and individually wrapped coils for support. Starting at such a low price, the Buena Vista is prone to sagging, but could be a good option as a temporary mattress.

Overall Comfort

Most customers are happy with Denver mattress, but some had some issues with quick sagging, which eliminated the good feelings about the initial comfort. There were also reports of quality problems with some of the mattresses that were of lower pricepoints.


One of the things that Denver Mattress does well is provide multiple firmness options across their mattress lines. The above chart is a representation of their most popular Doctor’s Choice mattress firmness options.

Back Pain Relief

With the lumbar support from the Doctor’s Choice and the firmness options from their other lines, you can definitely find a mattress that will help with back pain — at least at first. However, due to the issues with mattress breakdown after a short period, people with back problems can have more issues if sleeping on a sagging bed.

Denver Mattress Reviews